Weddings and Events

St. Francis makes our church, parish hall (with full kitchen), and grounds available to parishioners, non-profit organizations, and others for a variety of uses including weddings, concerts, and other events both private and public. See below for more information.


Marriage plans at Saint Francis fall into two phases: First are your preparations as individuals and as a couple for your new life as married people. When you plan to begin your marriage under the care of the Church, there will be a period of consulting and counseling with the priest. When it is clear that you are committed to enter into the covenant of Holy Matrimony as it is understood by the Episcopal Church, then plans for the details of the ceremony are begun.

The second phase of marriage preparation will begin with the placing of your chosen day on the official calendar at Saint Francis Church by the Clergy. The Parish Wedding Coordinator will assist in planning your celebration: The decorations, flowers, photography and other details can be developed in consultation with the Coordinator, while the planning of the music and liturgy is done in consultation with the priest.

In the Episcopal Church, at least one of the persons being married must be a baptized Christian.

For more about weddings at St. Francis, click here to download our PDF brochure.

For more about marriage and The Episcopal Church, you may want to consider reading Preparing for a Wedding in the Episcopal Church by Tobias Stanislas Haller available from Church Publishing.

Concerts, Meetings, and other events

Please contact our church office at 310-375-4617 or info@stfrancispalosverdes.org